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We review and discuss all things in geek pop culture from comic books, manga, movies, video games, and more!

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  1. Comic Book Revolution Podcast Episode 31

    Rokk and Steven tackle several Marvel comics in this episode. What is keeping Avengers from being the big hit that is Justice League? Is Aaron on Thor better than Aaron on Avengers? What is up with that wacky worm in Thor? Is Return of Wolverine more than a lame editorially ...


  2. Comic Book Revolution Podcast Episode 30

    Rokk and Steven are back and they brought brand new microphones with them! The boys cover the latest in movie and comic book news including Marvel shows for Disney’s new streaming service, the success of Fantastic Four #1 and the legendary Bat-penis. The guys also review the following comic books: ...


  3. Comic Book Revolution Podcast Episode 29

    Why are super hero costumes prior to 2000 so much better than costumes after 2000? Is it time to start shipping Nightwing and Ms. Martian? What’s the name of that new Brian Bendis created Superman villain? Rokk and Steven answer these question and more in this latest episode! The boys ...


  4. Comic Book Revolution Podcast Episode 28

    Rokk and Steven take on some of the latest comic book news including Warner Brothers needing a new Superman for their cinematic universe, Marvel cancelling The Vision, The end for Daredevil, and more! The boys also review the following issues: Iceman #1 at the 35 minute 35 second mark Fantastic ...


  5. Comic Book Revolution Podcast Episode 27

    The boys are back from their summer vacation! Rokk and Steven talk about DC’s new streaming service, the possible members for the new Guardians of the Galaxy title, the return of Starman, and the new Red Hood: Outlaw title. The boys also discuss the future stars of the Marvel Universe: ...