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We review and discuss all things in geek pop culture from comic books, manga, movies, video games, and more!

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  1. Episode 87 - Spider-Man Beyond Review - FIXED

    In this episode, Kevin and Rokk tackle the new Spider-Man Beyond direction for the Spider-Man franchise. They also review Dark Knights of Steel #1 from DC Comics. 0:5:35 - A quick overview of Nick Spencer's Amazing Spider-Man run 0:15:33 - Amazing Spider-Man #75 57:09:81 - Amazing Spider-Man #76 1:23:00 - Amazing Spider-Man #77 2:10:57 - ...


  2. Episode 86 - MCU Eternals Movie Review

    This week Kevin takes over the podcast to do a solo review of the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Eternals. 00:00:00 – Intro 00:00:25 – Housekeeping 00:00:50 – Eternals Movie Review Follow Hosts On Twitter: Kevin - @TheKevinLainez Rokk - @RokkRevolution ...


  3. Episode 85 - DC Fandome 2021

    In this episode, Kevin and Rokk break down all of the news from the DC Fandome 2021.  00:03:29 - The CW Shows 00:09:53 - General Comic Book News 00:12:11 - Black Adam Teaser Trailer 00:29:07 - Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom 00:33:23 - The Milestone Initiative 00:40:29 - Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League Video Game 00:46:17 ...


  4. Episode 84 - Young Justice: Phantoms Season Premiere Review

    In this episode, we review the first two episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms that premiered during DC FanDome. In the process of the review Kevin tries to convince Rokk, who only watched the first two seasons of Young Justice, to catch up and watch Young Justice: Phantoms. Below are the time ...


  5. Episode 83 - Part 2 - Substack Takes Over Comics!

    In Part 2 of Episode 83, Kevin and Rokk take a look at the big move by Substack in moving into the comic book industry. The guys look at all of the big-name talent signings with Substack. The boys also discuss other big comic news topics. ...